How to survive and thrive during a Spring Equinox detox


Today is definitely a day to do a full-on happy dance. Today is the Spring Equinox - a joyous day where we wave byebye to Winter, and hellooooo to Spring. Gaia's whispered promise of warm sunshine-filled days is teasing us and yet today I feel as if I am merely slipping into the Spring Equinox detox thingummy. Not springing into it, or bouncing into it. Merely slipping ...

The cloudy skies that put paid to catching sight of a rare Solar Eclipse may partially be the reason for feeling more 'slippy' than 'springy'; more likely, the reason is total exhaustion on an emotional, spiritual, creative and physical level. Holding up the world is kind of heavy, you know?

*hehe* such melodrama. It often happens at the change of seasons.

Am I really the only person who notices when the seasons switch over? No, that cannot be. Do you notice a change, too? It can be quite tricky to navigate, with emotions all a-whirling, don't you think?

It was SO cold outside this morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse

That is why THIS year I thought it would be a fantastic idea to start a detox / cleanse programme on the day of the Spring Equinox, a time heralded for releasing and bringing in new lovely stuff.

Even better, we have a showering of astrological gifts to help us on our chosen path today (you might like to read Release and Renewal and Jewel in the Heart articles, if you are interested in astrology and how planetary aspects may impact of our physical body.

My chosen path is to give my body some love, inside and out. A time to sweep out any lingering chemotherapy particles, nourish and support my body while we deal with radiotherapy aftershocks (that just keeps giving and giving, 3 years on). A time to lose lots of weight healthfully, without starvation. No mention of the D.I.Eeeeeeeek.T. word here, please.

So here's my steps for the next 30 days - how to survive and thrive during a Spring Equinox detox.

Step 1 : Nature's Bountiful Harvest

First things first, I start off with 85% raw-vegan food plan, including some lovely fresh juices whipped up with my own fair hands and pots of fresh peppermint tea.

Must NOT forget lots of greens. Salads, veggies. ALWAYS spinach in my fresh juices each morning. My dear friend and business mentor today reminded me to use lovely green powders, which are widely available (please email me for details of my personal favourites, plus a couple of recipe ideas!)

Maybe it's also time to try out the 28 Day Teatox by Fruiteatox, too. The hardest thing for me will be giving up Yorkshire Tea for 30 days, so this surely must be a sign of divine intervention!

How could I possibly forget? Raw chocolate. Every detox needs supplies of raw chocolate. You could, of course, cheat by buying some in but it is so easy to make your own. I highly recommend Indigo Herbs' lovely raw cacao and cacao butter to make your own.

Step 2 - Time-Out

Stop and smell the roses - or hyacinths, as it's the time of year for them ...

Hyacinths in my studio - they started to bloom yesterday, 19th March!

Time-out from the internet, time-out from my desk, time-out from mobile phones, time-out from anything other than being in my bliss. Which means taking time out to walk, to read, to sit quietly and meditate, to practice mindfulness, to create ... whatever form art may appear in.

Time to be Me. Really Me. Not what I think other people wish for me to Be. 

Step 3 - Use the gifts I have to hand

Hello dear Body of mine, I do have lots of gifts to share with you.

The first gift is Nature Drops' Survive & Thrive vibrational essence, which was created especially for me by Debbie. This helps ease the seasonal transition and it's humps and bumps.

Nature Drops created an essence just for me : Survive & Thrive

The second gift to my body is the wonderful 30-Day Renewal programme which I have been following from a personal favourite producer of essential oils, which are of the highest quality (please email me for details); their cleanse and renewal programme makes use of their supplements and therapeutic-grade essential oils as part of a 30 day cleanse and restore healing cycle.

I also use the same company's Lemon essential oil in my water jug each day, to help support the gentle detox process, and their Lime essential oil in each my juices. The Lime essential oil is also a fantastic detox addition but really, I use them because I love their taste - the fact they are also doing lots of good on so many levels is just a bonus.

Step 4 - Sleep

Sleep. Nature's greatest healer, and friend and ally when it comes to working through healing cycles; plus when the weather is still not so warm, it's nice to snuggle up under a warm blanket and dream.

Garfield always had the right idea

So this is it. My 4 simple steps to guide me through this year's Spring Equinox detox programme, all preparedness to help me Survive and Thrive in 2015. Have I missed anything, do you think?

I would love to hear of your top tips for detoxing and transitioning through the seasons, so please do share your comments below.

With gratitude, Callie x

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  1. Some excellent ideas. Thanks for a wonderful post. I especially like the stopping and smelling the roses. I think I am going to take the dog for a walk.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan, for popping by & leaving a comment! Did you take your dog for a walk and take time to smell the roses? I do hope so! x