Meditation and Breast Cancer Survivors

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Meditation in the Woods by Gramps,

I recently read an article by one of my favourite scientists, Dr David Hamilton, about research on meditation and how it affects breast cancer survivors.

In his article [read here], David shared the results:
The scientists found that while telomeres had shortened in the control group, telomeres didn’t shorten at all over the 3-month period in the groups who did MBCR or SET. In other words, meditation, yoga, and emotional expression seemed to have a protective effect on cells.  
Think about what this means! Basically, meditation, yoga, and emotional support are having a positive effect at the cellular level on breast cancer survivors.
Having recently spent a peaceful day (Saturday 14 March '15) at St George's Hospital, London (UK) at a silent Mindfulness Day, a follow-on from an 8-week Mindfulness (MBCR) course in Pauls Cancer Support Centre, I was reminded of just how beneficial sitting quietly with ourselves can be. For peace of mind, for the opportunity to let our body rest; for the opportunity to have the quietness to really LISTEN to our bodies and hear the messages they are sharing with us.

I also strongly believe that Laughter Yoga has a hugely-beneficial role to play in helping cancer patients, thrivers and those living with cancer to live life well. One day, I would love to see Dr Hamilton write about Laughter Yoga research and cancer survivors and for the research to highlight the same interesting effects on our emotional and cellular wellbeing!

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