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21st April 2015 - launch day of Sleep Your Fat Away 

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 2 of Dr Joy and Roy Martina's Virtual Blog Tour. Their new book Sleep your Fat Away: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Effortlessly is celebrating its official launch next week, Tuesday 21st April 2015.

Joy & Roy Martina
Drs. JOY AND ROY MARTINA are amongst the world's leaders in helping people get back into their power. Between them, they have published over 70 books (translated into more than 10 languages) and have trained hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Their passion for natural approaches to health, longevity and fitness has led them to write their book Sleep Your Fat Away.

Yesterday, Joy and Roy visited our good friend Tina Games' Moonlight Musings’ blog at where they discussed how emotions affect our eating patterns and how to maintain a healthy weight. 

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Joy and Roy on emotional eating disorders and the effects of yo-yo dieting. 

CALLIE: Hi Joy and Roy! I am fascinated by your new book topic, having lived with an emotional eating disorder for 30+ years. What do you feel is the connection between traumas in our past (either past-life, ancestral or childhood) and present-day weight gain?

JOY and ROY: Research has shown that people, who went through adverse experiences such as emotional, sexual or physical abuse, having a parent who was an addict or in prison etc., are at a 50% higher risk of being overweight as an adult. The karmic connections to past lives and ancestral inheritance in our DNA are a fascinating subject of our research and we developed an entire healing system around this called Christallin Source Healing. We discovered for instance that if a person (or an ancestor) died of starvation in a past life, this program can still be stored in their DNA and so sabotage weight loss goals or reinforce the tendency of overeating in this life. Additionally as children we “blindly” take over our parents’ or peers’ belief systems, values and “truths” around food - some of these are helpful, many are not. 

In Sleep Your Fat Away we address these issues in the nightly brain training audios, where we give the subconscious mind the suggestions to erase the negative conditioning and programming from childhood, past life or ancestral traumas.

CALLIE: Do you have any helpful tips or coping strategies for dealing with self-sabotage?

JOY and ROY: A key ingredient is to learn how to manage one’s emotions. In the book, we not only share two very effective strategies to balance negative emotions such as stress, anger or being upset for any reason (these are available as free downloads to all readers) and explain the 5 simple guidelines that help the reader to retrain their brain to start listening to the body’s needs again - but we also make our users/readers aware of the necessity to become aware of what is going on inside of us; to understand that we do not need to be the victims of our emotional states; that already simple changes (like eating slowly and without distraction!) can create massive changes... and that we all can claim back our power and control over our lives.

CALLIE: Why does your approach work - and how can yo-yo dieters change their lifetime habits, after reading your new book?

JOY and ROY: By understanding where the real reason for overeating and emotional eating lies (within the subconscious mind), we give our readers the insight to become aware of their internal sabotage. We explain where this sabotage comes from (childhood conditioning, taking over non helpful belief systems, etc.) and how to get the brain to support the life style changes necessary for consistent and lasting weight loss. Additionally we show how we are constantly being brain-washed and manipulated by the food and diet industry into buying and eating processed, high sugar/high fat/high salt foods that mess up our innate body’s intelligence. This knowledge and the process of becoming aware of what is going on inside of us are the first and vital steps towards creating real change. For those who would like additional support, we offer the downloadable program consisting of all the audios and the nightly sleep programming.  

I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with co-authors Drs Joy and Roy Martina. This week, you can find out what today's holistic leaders are saying about weight loss on their FREE 3-Day Telesummit:

"Busting the MYTHS about Weight Loss"
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Here are Joy and Roy's line-up of guest panellists for this event (in order of appearance):
  • DRs. JOY and ROY MARTINA - #1 Holistic Thought Leaders, authors of Sleep Your Fat Away
  • LYNN SERAFINN - Marketing strategist for authors & ethical entrepreneurs, bestselling author (and someone who has recently lost 70 pounds herself)
  • DR. ELLEN W. CUTLER - chiropractor, author, natural healing expert, creator of BioSET
  • LORI SHEMEK, PhD - bestselling author, international leader in health and weight loss
  • DOREEN POLIZZI - Health, wellness and lifestyle coach
  • DR. DONI WILSON, N.D. - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, nutritionist, midwife, bestselling author
  • AMBER ROMANIUK - holistic nutritionist, speaker, healthy eating expert 
  • MATTHEW B. JAMES, Ph.D, - Doctor of Psychology, NLP master trainer, author of The Foundation of Huna
  • ERAM SAEED - Producer of "From Heartache to Joy"; founder of Journey to Joy Foundation
  • MAL DUANE - life recovery coach; transformational guide for women, bestselling author of Alpha Chick
  • ADAM HILL - Triathlete; Ironman triathlon All World Athlete

If you cannot make the live broadcast, register anyway so you can listen to audio replays. 

THEN, when you buy Sleep your Fat Away: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Effortlessly during its official Amazon launch on April 21st, you’ll receive dozens of free gifts from Joy and Roy, and their friends and colleagues. You can CLICK HERE to find out more about the book, and these free gifts.

Sleep your fat away by Drs Joy & Roy Martina

If you'd like to catch more of Joy and Roy's Virtual Blog tour, "visit" them at these dates and places:
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WEDNESDAY APRIL 15th: Lynn Serafinn's Spirit Authors blog at, where they'll be talking about the challenges of writing a book on wellness, the experience of working with a publisher and what it's like to write a book with your spouse! 
THURSDAY APRIL 16th: Krystalya Marie's Empowered Spirit blog at, where they will discuss childhood obesity and how we can keep weight off permanently.

FRIDAY APRIL 17th: Naturopathic Doctor Donielle Wilson ND's blog at where they will be discussing how visualisation can help with weight loss and the connection with mind and weight.

Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

PS. I am a huge personal fan of Dr Roy Martina, who saw me immediately after my cancer diagnosis. I know that may people, post-chemotherapy and steroid treatment, have issues with stubborn weight gain; here's hoping this book may help us all!
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  1. Love this. Its a great read and definitely worth looking more into... I am on my weight loss journey so I am open to reading more into anything that will help more :)

    1. Me too, Michelle! They've also got a program available, with the book as a companion:

  2. Very interesting. I'm going to share this with a friend who is a past life therapist. I think she'd enjoy reading it too.