Would you like to celebrate World Laughter Day with us?

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Tickle your soul with our free 21 Days of Laughter Challenge (CreaTEAvity)


Hello there! Are you, by any chance, looking for ways to inject some much-needed lighthearted fun into your life?

Perhaps you sometimes - oftentimes?! - find yourself thinking, “AAARGHHH! How can I stop feeling so stressed?”

If so, you are going to love what we have in store for you today ...

We are going to share with you ways to let laughter tickle & de-stress your soul - for free, in an online course!

CreaTEAvity is offering a free 21 Days of Laughter Challenge will gift you daily exercises and quick, fun approaches that combine laughter and wellbeing, infused with playfullness, all to help you enjoy the truly wholistic benefits of laughter as a free, fun and quick stress-relief tool.

We are sharing this because we know how powerful laughter can be. Laughter is free! So we wanted to gift you a way to learn how to use laughter and add it to your personal self-care toolkit.

Imagine exploring:
  • simple Laughter Yoga exercises you can do alone, or with friends and family
  • how laughter affects your body - physically and emotionally
  • fun ways to switch off stress, and switch on joy
  • how to laugh safely, and much more!

If you ready to try laugh your way to health and happiness, then please join us TODAY for the launch of the 21 Days of Laughter Challenge : Sunday 3rd May 2015 to celebrate World Laughter Day!

World Laughter Day 2015

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