When we're strong enough to let it all go

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One of the hardest things in life is facing the fact that none of us will live forever.

As time passes by and my relationship with survivorship grows stronger (and more bumpy, for sure), I believe that Buddhism has some pretty amazing insights to offer.

Irrespective of what our religious beliefs may be, the practice of 'awareness of breath' meditation - something I relied on so strongly during my own cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment - is a rare, precious gift to help soothe our minds and souls during times when it would be easier to just step off the world. Right now.

One of the greatest learning curves I experienced whilst training as a healer came about when supporting a dear healer friend, who's mother was dying of cancer. My friend implored, begged her mother each day to stay, to fight; her will was keeping her mother alive.

Until she had a profound insight into what the role of a healer truly is. Healers don't cure people. They can't! Healers help heal situations.

No amount of 'healing' was ever going to 'cure' her mother. Her great gift, as a healer, was to bless her mother and gently give her permission to let go whenever she (her mother) felt the time was right for her; to help ease her transition from this life to the next, with peace, grace and love.

My friend shared how she cried as she told her beloved mother that she loved her, would miss her forever, but knew that she had to let her go when the time was right for her. Not for anyone else in the family. Her mother died peacefully the next day, after months of agonising pain.

All too often, we hide from our mortality. I know I did. I still do.

Yet as we grow older, it is inevitable that the ones we love will begin the sometimes-gentle, sometimes-harsh transition to their Summerland. Cancer, with a name that strikes fear into the very heart of us, is such a deeply traumatic experience for everyone involved, but an experience in which we need to begin first by acknowledging our truest feelings about the situation ... and then let it all go.

This beautiful song by Birdy and Rhodes is my favourite song at the moment, as the lyrics resonate with me at so many levels.

But if we're strong enough
To let it in
We're strong enough
To let it go

It's time to be strong about all my feelings I've kept bundled up for the last 4.5 years - nay, 35+ years, to be truthful.

It's time I let it all go ... is it time you let it all go, too?

Lyrics source: A-Z Lyrics
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