Celebrating 5 years on ... #cancerversary

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Celebrating 5 years on #cancerversary
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Today, will you join me in celebrating 5 years on? 

25th May 2011 was a dark day indeed. No, I wasn’t crazy. Yes, I did have breast cancer. Triple Negative breast cancer, to be exact. If we didn’t get a wiggle on with treatment, it was unlikely I'd see May 2012.

So today, heck YES! I am celebrating!

I am celebrating 5 wonderful years filled with miracles, love, laughter, sadness, grief, rich tea biscuits, opportunities, heartache, glamour, new hair ... and the most amazing ’supporters' in the world.

I am lucky. Very lucky indeed to have been scooped out of the Angel of Death’s waiting arms in November 2011 by my Beloved and the fantastic St George’s A&E team.

I am also incredibly blessed.

I have learned 5 important lessons since that dark day:

  1. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  2. nobody - but NOBODY - knows your body better than you. Pay heed to what your body tells you - and act upon it
  3. everyone has their own ‘story’ about cancer: some people just cannot cope with your diagnosis. Let them walk away. Give them your blessing, and open yourself up to meeting wonderful new people
  4. you are not a statistic. You are YOU, your very own walking miracle
  5. love really does conquer all

… but most of all, I’ve learned that I am more than just a number, more than a cancer surthriver.

I am me. And that is all I could ever ask for.

Now … enough of the soppiness! Is it prosecco o’clock yet?


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