Wellness Consult

We are delighted to offer Wellness Consults as part of our ongoing commitment to offer wellness and self-care practices to as many people as we can.

Free Wellness Consults available for a limited time only
Wellness Consults are used specifically to help you:
  • review your health goals
  • set up your personalised wellness programme
  • learn about the use of therapeutic essential oils and herbal products, and
  • review and re-assess (after 14-21 days)

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The Wellness Consult is a two-part process:
  1. You complete a simple Wellness Consult form, where you get to rate yourself on general health and wellness scales, and share your health concerns and wellness goals. 
  2. At our follow-up meeting, we look at your plan together, revisit your Wellness Consult form and decide on a plan for the next 4 weeks.
Each Wellness Consult is tailor-made to meet your personal needs, focusing specifically on your health and wellness concerns.  Together, we create a personalised (simple!) plan and as your personal programme is unique to you, we will walk through all the available options.

  • Most appointments are conducted by telephone or Skype; however, we can arrange meetings in London SW19/SW20 
  • Your first appointment will be for 45 minutes; your second appointment will be for 20 minutes (and will be scheduled for 14-21 days after your first appointment)
  • I check-in with you by email (or 'phone, whichever your preference) a week after our first appointment, with email contact inbetwixt our appointments, if you wish
  • Wellness Consult fees are usually £55, payable in advance of your first appointment; however, at present we are offering them for free (our little bit of pay-it-forward)

My promise to you
  • I promise to make sure you receive the very best value for your product purchases, in line with availability of any promotions or special offers.
  • Absolutely no hard-sell. Of products, or packages or ideals. I abhor these practices myself and have no desire to do this to others!

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